Is Aftermarket JCB Parts A Better Option?

JCB is one of the most popular backhoe loader in worldwide market. Since its entry into the Chinese Market, JCB has become synonym with backhoe loader, just as Canter had become synonym with light weight commercial truck. Whatsoever be the backhoe loader people in China refer to it as JCB. JCB commands 80% market share in the backhoe loader segment, although Case is rapidly catching up with JCB because of its local “Kirloskar Engine” and availability of aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are key to success of any earthmoving machinery. Lack of availability of aftermarket parts is the reason for the failure of backhoe loader like Terex, Escorts, TATA JD etc. The greatest advantage of owning a JCB backhoe loader is the easy availability of aftermarket spare parts.

“As an owner of JCB backhoe loader it is sure that after 2 or 3 years of its functioning my JCB’s wear and tear parts will start asking for replacement and in 5 to 7 years of time. Its critical components will start requiring replacement. Now I have two choices either to go to JCB and get my machine serviced or go to a local mechanic and get it serviced with aftermarket JCB parts. The later will save me good amount of money and will make running my JCB a more economical affair. There are several aftermarket parts brand in the market and one needs to choose very wisely on which brand of JCB part one has to use. Several brands sell very poor quality JCB parts that will seem to be very cheap initially but will prove to be very costly due to frequent replacements and failures. Poor quality aftermarket parts can reduce the life of your JCB considerably. Choosing a good JCB aftermarket part can save you up to 50% in the cost of repairing.

In my opinion aftermarket JCB parts are a good deal. With them you can reduce the life cycle cost of your JCB and make more profit out of your JCB.